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With the confident utility of data, diverse markets are consciously tweaking the creativity field. The scope of data creativity especially in advertising world has ushered in all time high creative recognition technology and Real-time simulation. The new forms of comprehending visualization in the most visual of media-Digital Out-of- home advertising campaigns (DOOH) and traditional OOH, have caught the right audience at the right time with the right elements. With offices in India and Singapore and presence across Australia, China and SEA, the company - LOCAD, covers the entire lifecycle of OOH and DOOH right from Inventory Management to planning to real-time proof of posting, monitoring and reporting. We spoke with the Founder CEO of LOCAD, Mr. Rishabh MEHTA, to get more detailed insights about how they are bringing in innovation by using tech in Media Entertainment sector.

Predictive Technology for Boundless Advertising
With greater understanding and application of Real-Time data, AI and Predictive analytics, the power radiated from them is yet to be apprehended. The possibility of anyone around the billboard area getting a chance of experiencing consumer interaction with the advertisement increases, as they not only view the billboards but interact with the same ads digitally via mobile. With LOCAD’s mobile advertising the company combines the power of OOH with mobile to increase engagement opportunities with the target audience. The LOCAD Mobile Network is a customized geo-fencing solution, grounded in OOH assets, with location verification enabled that reinforces messages with a complementary mobile ad, geo-fencing OOH assets and key secondary locations.

The real time proof of posting advertisement and monitoring is a challenge still faced by the media owners and media fraternities. Lack of any mechanism to measure the scheduled places and times facilitated the advent of LOCAD’s audit platform; LOCAUDIT- the real time proof of posting, monitoring, and reporting platform for OOH media and retail sites. This new integrated platform for LOCAUDIT rolled out in December 2017 has introduced a new service to provide live traffic count analysis of OOH site image processing using AI and ML algorithms. Brands, agencies and media owners get real traffic count per site. With nearly 65000 plus verified sites platforms and more than 500,000 audits done over the last 24 months (averaging 1audit per sec), the company manages entire auditing on the cloud based platform, integrated with inventory management and media planning tools. With LOCAUDIT, the inventory management and planning tool, PLANO, is integrated to specifically target media buyers, media owners and 3rd party data providers.

“Adding to our existing innovative tools we have recently launched SCREENO – a DOOH Platform for media owners and advertisers, said Rishabh Mehta. Digital media owners can now manage content across any number of screens and geographies via a single cloud based web interface irrespective of the hardware device being used and advertisers can get access to real time programmatic DOOH inventory.”

The Future Ensemble of Media Tools – Measurability Transparency
As part of their offering in measurement and campaign effectiveness, LOCAD directly integrates premium publishers across segments. The idea enables brands to gather deeper insights from targeted consumers through the mobile app network with their unique mobile in-app market research platform. The company, with high-end technologies in OOH and DOOH advertising, has bagged 2017 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award for being one of the best startups in Media and Entertainment Technology across SEA. “Developing a new currency around measuring OOH campaign effectiveness and ROI is the key focus area in this New Year said Rishabh Mehta”; LOCAD will roll out with ‘Admeasure’, the new platform during the 1st quarter of 2018.

About LOCAD Pte Ltd.

LOCAD is a Singapore & Delhi based Enterprise Technology Company that builds innovative products and IOT solutions for Location Based Advertising & OOH media industry. LOCAD’s suite of products covers the entire life cycle of OOH industry hence making them the preferred partner for all leading advertisers, media owners and advertising agencies. Its Monitoring platform LOCAUDIT has disrupted the Indian OOH industry by not only bringing in greater transparency and efficiency for brands and agencies but also better monetization for media owners. LOCAD has rolled out its services across Singapore, India, Australia and China and is looking at entering new markets in 2018.

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