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The Concept

LOCSHIELD is a new touch point for OOH standing unit with temperature check, mask detection and dispenser like features, LOCSHIELD is the perfect solution!!

Temperature Check | Mask Detection | Attendance Check | Sanitizer Dispenser | DOOH Ads


1. Auto Mask Detection

2. Temperature Temperature check in F or in C

3. Sanitizer Contact less sanitiser dispenser controlled via sensors

4. CMS All units connected via single DOOH CMS

5. Ads Trigger DOOH Ads based on rules and monetize

6. Integration Auto Integration with employee database

7. Auto Control Auto control of gate opening and closing if required

8. Setup Auto setup of attendance

9. Sensor Proximity sensor to detech people

10. Standing Unit Smart standing display unit

11. 24X7 Connection Connected 24X7 units with 4G and Wi-Fi